Global Poetry Writing Month April 2021 - A Final Word

So ends another Global Poetry Writing Month Adventure.  Thank you to everyone who tagged along on this journey with me.  There were quite a few trips down memory lane which led to some deeper thoughts.   Some were long, some were short, but all were meaningful in some way.  Hopefully one or two connected with you.  

As is wont with most things, the more I started to write, the more I had to write about.  I limited myself to one poem a day for April.  But expect to see more in the coming months while I get what has been going on in my head out onto paper.   As my last poem for the month sums up, some ideas need time to grow so I'll be back to revisit them later. 

I already have ideas for next year's challenge.  But I'm hoping next April finds us out of this pandemic with life returning to a little more normal.  With friends, and adventures, and new things to write about.  

I found this tree to be quite metaphorical to my journey, one write, turned into two and end up branching off into many more.   Writing begets growth and hopefully some wisdom too.   I've certainly learned a lot about myself in the past month.    May the words ever bloom.   All the best from me to you.  


  1. Thank you for an eloquent end to April ~~~ cheers to more April poems as far into the future as we can imagine.

    1. Thank you so much for being here with me. I couldn't have had a better travelling companion and April cheerleader! (I have a write that was inspired by one of yours this month... that will be coming soon!) Much love to you and many many words. 😊


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