Never Never

Never Never 

Be wary of Neverland

That childhood utopia

Full of danger

Be afraid of the lost boys

Carefree and motherless 

Forever young

Poor Tinkerbell

Who loses her magic

When no one believes

Peter Pan has lost his shadow

A ghost he has become 

No-body at all

Hook and the pirates

Cannot set sail

Because the tide never changes

And the tick tock croc

Sits and waits

As time stands still

Here you never grow

You never change

You never know


Is no place  

For a child to go

Words: ©2021LCR 

Book: Peter Pan by J.M.Barrie

Image: No Claim, All Rights to Artist 


  1. This is a delightfully conceived poem! Love it.

  2. Such an ominous tone... It left me wanting to make sure that my shadow and magic still remain, and that the child I still am only lives in the Always-land of my chest. For "Neverland / Is no place / For a child to go".

    1. The dark reading of Peter Pan is that all of the Lost Boys are dead and Neverland is a type of afterlife. They remain children forever and never grow up. I read an essay about it and it really made me rethink the idea of Neverland. I am definitely making sure my shadow is fully attached! :)


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