So Damn Hard

So Damn Hard

I needed to stop

So I blocked myself

Boxed me away

From everything

And everyone

But what I needed most

Was to stop hurting you

Pain makes my tongue

Fast and sharp

Cutting to the quick

And I have to learn

To cool off

Before lashing out in anger

And I was angry 

Because I couldn’t make myself heard

And I was frustrated 

Because you wouldn’t listen

You misunderstood

Everything I tried to say

Focusing on the words

Instead of the message

That I didn’t need the world

All I wanted was you

…Only you

But you wouldn’t give an inch

Without first taking a mile

You left me here alone

When what I needed 

Was to be seen 

Through these walls

I knew it wouldn’t be easy

But you didn’t need to make it 

So damn hard


Words: ©2021LCR

Images: CCO


  1. Lesson here for all of us, Lisa.

    1. Lori even. Thanks so much. I need to put myself on ice sometimes, I run a little hotter than I should.

    2. Lori, you're too hilarious! 😂

    3. Now you made me laugh! 😁

    4. Lisa / Lori??
      I do know who is who——LOL

    5. Lol! I know you do! 😁 Funnily my best friend's name is Lisa and I used to get called by her name all the time when we were kids and you brought that memory back. (That was the Lori even, in my response because that's how I used to respond when people would call my by her name! And she'd say Lisa even when they called her by mine. Two of a kind!)

  2. After I finished reading the first four stanzas, I was ready to say that the poem should've ended there, that it was complete. Then I read the whole thing and totally changed my mind. At the end of the first fourth stanza the speaker takes a breath, and then lets out all the hurt and wisdom earned from the experience. And the ending is perfect, in words and in tone.

    1. Thank you so much. I wrote it as one piece and found the images after. Normally I only use a single image but this felt like a triptych and once the images were in place I knew that it was a story in three parts. I really appreciate your feedback.


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