Place Settings

Place Settings

Chosen words

Set beside one another

In careful arrangement

Like place settings

At a fancy dress dinner party

Making sure each individual 

Has something in common

With the one beside it

So conversation becomes 

Easy and eloquent 

There is no disparity

Here all are welcome 

And given a seat

At the table

Words: ©2021LCR

Image: CCO

Submitted to: Friday Writings #1: I Write with My Food


  1. I read this more than once, each time taking something special away …

  2. I love the sense of harmony. This is a perfect response to the prompt, and a very good reminder before the holidays. Feasting should be about enjoying one another's company in harmony.

    1. There's always some very animated conversations around our dinner table and a lot of laughter. :)

  3. So much of our life is arranging things so that they interact in an interesting way with their surroundings. And that is also how the universe is made -- specific particles interacting with the fields around them.

    1. Right. It's never one thing working in isolation but rather a collection influencing each other.


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