Sparks for Stars

Sparks for Stars

I made a fire in the dark
And confused the sparks for stars
And as each one flickered out
I made a wish
To be where you are

Words: ©2022LCR
Image: No Claim


  1. Roaring fire under a night sky conjures up the deepest of thoughts, wishes, memories. I love this poem.

  2. So much longing... May the wishes become bright realities.

  3. Dear Lori,
    What a treat to read your comments .... friend from up North you certainly are! It has been an up and down January thus far. Daughter with Covid, into week two but better. She has been vaccinated, saving her from something far more debilitating I think. Wishing you a happy new year ... in spite of the pandemic and world unrest. Things have to get better.

    1. I'm sorry it took me so long to visit your blog. I hope your daughter feels better and has no lasting impacts, sending all kinds of positive energy her way. We've all had our vaccines and got boosted in January, but there's still the lingering anxiety that the kids will pick it up at school. I'm really hoping that better gets here soon. I haven't been much for writing lately. Waiting on my mojo to come back, or my muse, one or the other.


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