I was always climbing things as a kid
Always wanted to be taller
To see things from above
I climbed trees like a squirrel
Flitting from branch to branch
Twisting through the boughs
Like a maze
I climbed the tv antennae
The one that used to stand 
Next to the house
A neighbour found me 
Up on the roof
Enjoying the view
But the tallest 
Was the village water tower
Body so small 
I could fit between the rungs
Reaching and climbing
Reaching and climbing
Until I could see over houses
And across the yellow fields
This was my town
Little did I know 
Given enough time 
How much higher
I would climb

Words: ©2022LCR
Art: @Jody Edwards


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. I was so pleased to find the art to accompany the write too. It so perfectly fits my memory.

  2. We had a water tower just like this one .. in Caseyville Illinois.


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