Utterly Undone

Utterly Undone

I hate that I miss you
I hate how hard it is 
To be here without you
I hate how I constantly
Think about you 
Then wonder if you ever 
Think of me 
I hate that I have
This overwhelming need
To feel you inside me
Even though it feels like 
You don’t need me at all
I hate that you
Confuse the hell out of me
Because I no longer know 
Who I’m supposed to be
I hate how insidious 
This desire for you has become
How it grows stronger 
In spite of your absence
So that I can no longer bear 
Being apart
I hate my stupid heart 
For being irrational 
But most of all 
I hate that I am completely
Unsure of where I stand
Bewildered at how 
I have become 
So utterly undone
At your hand

Words: ©2022LCR

Image: CCO


  1. I feel the angst in every line of your beautifully crafted poem!!!

    1. Sometimes the words just flop right out of my head.


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