A Drop in the Bucket

Glopowrimo has concluded for another year.  It was busier for me than usual, and I will admit that not every write I posted this month, was written this month.  When I found myself without anything new to say,  I went back to older writes and added some spit and polish until I felt that they passed muster and were acceptable for publishing here.   That being said, all are new to my blog, even if they weren't new to me.

And now that I have a moment to spare I will make a confession.  It hasn't been my life that has been keeping me busy but how my life intersects with others.  I have been regular old me, doing my same old everyday things.   However, whatever time I might have spent on myself, indulging in reading and writing, I have devoted to others who have needed me.  And the sad part is, not everyone appreciates other people's time the way they should.  It has been wearying.  I've been using myself to fill up others and it's left me feeling drained and empty.   

So I wanted to take this quiet moment to say, when you stop by here to read and share a kind word, you may think it's nothing, but to me it means that you have spent some of your precious time on me and that fills me with so much happiness.  

Thank you. 


  1. Well, my dear ... I have some catching up to do!!!!

    1. Helen, I see you. You are so wonderfully giving and supportive with your time and your comments. You inspire me more than you could ever know. I'm so grateful to have you here.


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