Not Dark, Just Tired

Not Dark, Just Tired

I haven't been around much
But I haven't gone anywhere at all
Still I wonder where I went
Because I don't really feel 
Like I'm here
I guess all of the turmoil
Has taken its toll
On my mind
And payment must needs be made
With a loss of words
And inspiration
A bit of my life blood given
In order to simply remain
And the only energy I seem to have
I spend on others
While I struggle
To let myself come to life
The days grow dark early
And I am tired


  1. Living can be exhausting business, especially when we have to persistently think of others before ourselves. Sigh.

    1. Right! I think I just got totally drained and didn't spend enough time charging my own batteries and I'm paying for it now with a total lack of energy. And getting sick.

  2. My dear Lori, sending you energy and love ... all that you can handle!

    1. Thank you so much. I feel the warm rush! 🤗 💞 I finally got caught by Covid and it stopped me in my tracks. I've never felt so exhausted. But getting better every day.


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