Not Someone You're Used To

Not Someone You’re Used To

I confuse you

You can’t lay a finger on 

Why I feel different to you

But I can tell you

You’re used to women who need you

Women that need someone to fix 

Whatever is wrong with their lives

Women who take what they need

And then disappear

Leaving you emptier

But still feeling good about yourself

Because you gave them what they needed

I feel different 

Because I don’t need you

I want you 

Not for what you could do for me

But for the person you are

And you’re not used to being wanted

For the whole of yourself 

Instead of the pieces you give away

You’re confusing feeling wanted

With being used

Because I didn’t want you for me

I wanted you for you

And that’s not something you’re used to

Words: ©2021LCR

Image: No Claim