Not Over You

Not Over You

I feel stupid 
When I find myself thinking about you
How the hell am I supposed to get you out of my head
When you're still holed up in my heart
How do I let go of hope when it was the only thing
I ever had to hold on to
I keep trying to close the door
But end up peeking out the window
In the hopes that you're still somewhere out there
I catch glimpses of you now and then
And the pain hits me so hard 
It knocks the wind right out of me
I was never any good at pretending
Could never be something I'm not
And the truth is
I'm not over you

Words: ©2021LCR
Image: CCO


  1. I've been there ... never quite goes away but time does help! Nice poetry ....

    1. Bit of a stream of consciousness this. I didn't intend to post it but it flowed out faster than I could stop it. I'm pretty sure some loves last a lifetime... perhaps more than one.


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